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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mac Tools has provided quality tools, unparalleled service and innovative solutions for 80 years. We are committed to forging lifetime relationships and equipping the professional technicians of tomorrow with all the tools they need to build for their future

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Student Discounts

Students are able to receive 50% off retail pricing on most items listed in the current Mac Tools price list including Power Tools, Hand tools, Tool Boxes, and more. Eligible students can order product sets as recommended by their school’s program or build a product set to suit their needs in an amount up to $9,500 in total STP purchases.

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Finding My Discount

Any Mac Tools Distributor or Franchisee can provide discount information or you can log on to MACTOOLS.COM and see the part number, description, and a picture with a suggested list price. If what you need is not listed there you may call Mac Tools Customer Service at 800.MACTOOLS. Items shown in monthly sale flyers are not 50% off the sale price.

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Students must simply fill out an application/order form and submit it along with payment. If you have a Mac Tools Distributor or Franchisee servicing your school, please submit all order forms to them. Your order will be shipped directly to the shipping address on your order form. If you do not have a Mac Tools Distributor or Franchisee, you may place your order directly with a Mac Tools District Manager.

Don’t break open that piggy bank just yet

The best way to pay is with a credit card including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or Mac Credit. The card does not need to be the student's as long as the cardholder gives their permission for the charge. Payment can be made via Money Order or Check if no Credit Card is available.

Exceptions may apply​

Most general use tools are available at 50% off retail. Items purchased direct from your Distributor or Franchisee of their tool truck are not eligible for the student discount.

​​Application and Order Form

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For any questions concerning the Student Tech Program, contact a Student Tech Customer Service Representative at 800.MACTOOLS, option 6 or email

Requirements for eligibility To be approved for an educational discount, please provide proof of eligibility for the following items: - ID card for your institution - Enrollment documents for the current academic year - Valid receipt (must contain the student ​name, date/duration of the course and the name of the academic institution) ​ ​​