Why Mac Tools?

Owning A Franchise

Great To Work With™

Mac Tools has been operating in mobile tool distribution for over 75 years, creating a well-established reputation among professionals. Our good name combined with a booming industry create a world of potential for Mac Tools franchisees.

The fact is, there are nearly 270 million registered vehicles in the U.S*, all needing maintenance and repair services. That's why there are almost 260,000 repair shops and another 17,000 car dealerships with service departments in the country. All of these mechanics need the right tools to do their jobs, leaving ample opportunity for Mac Tools to provide them.

Owning A Franchise
* Auto Mechanics Industry in the US. (2018). IBISWorld. Retrieved from https://www.ibisworld.com/industry-trends/market-research-reports/other-services-except-public-administration/repair-maintenance/auto-mechanics.html.

A Brand Like No Other

It takes hard work and dedication, but the potential rewards make it well worth your effort. If you have a strong drive to succeed and are willing to go the extra mile, we want to work with you.

Rock-Solid Reputation

Mac Tools has become one of the most respected and well-known brands in the professional automotive industry.

The company began building its reputation in 1938 as the Mechanics Tool and Forge Company, a small foundry in Ohio producing some of the finest hand tools in the world. Over the years, it grew internally and by acquisition, and officially became Mac Tools in 1961.

Owning A Franchise
Owning A Franchise

Broad Awareness

From Pomona to Daytona, Mac Tools is a name recognized throughout the Motorsports world. We tear up the tracks at drag races and can be spotted with just one look in the stock car pit. This type of presence keeps Mac Tools top-of-mind in the automotive market, making it easier for you to sell!

Our sponsorship program equips many of the best teams with tools and displays the Mac Tools logo on top-running cars. Motorsports help keep the Mac Tools brand in front of our audience and prove we are tested both in the garage and on the track.

Industry-Leading Products

Mac Tools has a focus on innovative, first-to-market tools. We offer an exclusive product line with the right tools for every technician.

  • Tool Storage
  • Shop Equipment
  • Shop Equipment
  • Specialty Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Diagnostics
Owning A Franchise

As a Mac Tools franchisee, you get access to other great brands offered by Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

Mac Blais

"Mac Tools is a great family. They've been a great business to work with, and I would recommend it to anyone."

Marc Blais, Franchisee, Canada

Rushton DeMars

"It's a challenge, but it's a challenge worth taking in my opinion. It's not easy, but it's rewarding."

Rushton DeMars, Franchisee, SC

Joseph Lizotte

"Mac Tools has been a good, strong hold for me for the last 17 years, and I wouldn't think about working anywhere else."

Joseph Lizotte, Franchisee, CT

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